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Mingling the Music

August 5, 2007

Uh, what was he doing? 😯

That is a snapshot from the show “A Little Nightmare Music” in Verbier Festival. In this show, Igudesman (violinist) and Joo (painist) did their best in playing classical music. Though I was in a state of deep sadness (see “Let me go home” post), when seeing the excerpt of this show from the webcast,* I couldn’t help laughing out loud.

In the end of the excerpt, they played so vigorously that you can see some hair in Igudesman’s bow was broken. And they had good voices too! 😮 It’s only 19 minutes. I wish to see more of it. What a gem.

* Look for it at the program on July 23, titled as “Martha Argerich, Nelson Freire, The Collegiate Chroal, Rober Bass, Duo Igudesman & Joo”. The last one is the first program. Certainly don’t miss Bartók’s work performed by Argerich & Freier etc.

EDIT: wildlx tipped me that you can find some video clips from the duo’s website. Amongst them, two were performed in the excerpt show above: Rachmaninov’s Big Hands and I Will Survive (know what tunes are used? 😉 ). However, I think the playing was more enthusiastic in Verbier … maybe because of the audience there?

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