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How to Replace Google Toolbar in Firefox

July 13, 2007

The features of Google Toolbar I used (in order of frequency – high to low):

  • GMail
  • Google Search – already loaded in Firefox search engine
  • AutoFill
  • Google Image & News Search – can be installed in Firefox search engine
  • Highlight Search Terms – already in Firefox Find
  • SpillingCheck – already in Firefox
  • AutoLink – used only when searching ISBN

Looking at this list, I need only two features in Google Toolbar. 😐 I have been thinking to uninstall it for a while and today finally make it so.

1. Add Google Image & News Search in Firefox search engine

Just follow this blog entry.

2. Add GMail and other favorite sites in Bookmarks Toolbar
In order to add more items, you can install Smart Bookmarks Bar extension , which can hide bookmark names (that will be displayed on mouse over). That make Bookmarks Toolbar look tidy.

In your favorite site, drag the url address into Bookmarks Toolbar. When you click at it to refresh, it will pick up the site icon. If there is no site icon (ie showing blank-page icon), you can use Favicon Picker to pick up the icon for your bookmark from your local machine.

3. Install Autofill Form extension
Autofill Form allows to set up the content for autofill for each profile. It has keyboard shortcuts to let you autofill, switch profile, and edit settings. You can even edit the field and site rules to be more robust. More details in its official site.

That’s all! I’m happy with the final result. 😀

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