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Your Future Coffee Table

July 12, 2007

Microsoft Surface shows a new concept for your future coffee table, like a virtual game table (its original idea). From the demo flashes, you can see the table is not just entertaining but also informative. The surface of table has a 30-in diagonal display, whose sensor can translate your finger’s movements into commands and connect the objects with their related information you need.

Quite impressive, isn’t it? The idea of using finger isn’t new, as we already see it has been applied in iPhone by Apple. But to use this with other gadgets, e.g. portable music player, phone, and credit card, may take some time to realize (I bet it won’t work with an iPod or iPhone 😛 ).

I’m also curious about what it is underneath the surface. It should have some port or extension slot so that you can transfer data/files in and out. And an internet connection too. Maybe an internal speaker or some audio inputs and outputs. Does it have some storage space for old newspapers or books?

Update: A related news was just posted at CNet News: Microsoft’s Surface PC still beyond developers’ reach. That fancy table, Surface PC, will cost around $10,000. Wow.

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