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Store Files with GMail

July 4, 2007

Since GMail first announced the growing Inbox from the original limit of 1 GB, there have been many tools that let people store files and even share files with others. Here are some of them:

GSpace (multiplatform):
GSpace is a Firefox add-on with a FTP-style interface that allow you to manage files between your local machine and your GMail account. It provides four modes: file transfer, player mode, photo mode, and GMail Drive. See the official user’s guide.

GMail Drive shell extension (Windows only):
This shell extension creates a virtual filesystem around your GMail account in Windows Explorer. It acts like a tool that can read and write to GMail in the way a hard drive does.

gDisk (Mac only):
gDisk works as an attachment management tool for the attachments you received in Inbox.

Adam Pash has shows us how to use GMail Drive and gDisk for advanced files and attachment management with GMail. The instruction is very detailed.

All three sound quite good but the feature I want most in GMail is the option to detach an attachment from the message. In that way, you can really make use of GMail space.

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