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Look for Weblog Client

July 3, 2007

When I talked about Windows Live Writer, I said I was happy with the built-in editor in Meanwhile, I use KeyNote for collecting information and organizing thoughts. Even though KeyNote is a RTF editor, it has some limitation in links and picture formats (no support for JPEG and linked pictures). Nevertheless, it is still a good tool for note taking.

Then I noticed a post, “June Wrap-up“, in, where Windows Live Writer and Ecto were named as top two desktop clients. That got me intrigued. Checked out Ecto, but found that it’s not a freeware ($17.95). Downloaded Windows Live Writer, but I didn’t like its size (15 MB in hard drive to run the program). I want something smaller, simpler. Isn’t a browser add-on small enough? I remember seeing this kind of stuff before.

Yes, there are at least two candidates (actually mentioned in, ScribeFire (ver 1.4.01, 370 KB; formerly Performancing) and Deepest Sender (ver 0.8.0, 296 KB).

Originally Deepest Sender was created for blogging in LiveJournal, but now has been extended to WordPress and Blogger. I was thinking to try it (can it be run in Firefox bottom, rather than on the side?) but the problem about metaWeblog in the release note put me off.

Unlike Deepest Sender, currently ScribeFire’s official site does not have any information except the release note. The interface is not difficult to figure out how to use. This post in gives a helpful introduction of this add-on, including the tips about how to turn off the annoying “Powered by ScribeFire” link.

Since ScribeFire runs inside the browser, it’s really convenient to write a blog entry while checking other information online. Like what I’m doing now on working this post. For the moment, what I have experienced are:

  • When working on a previously saved note under Notes tab, changing the title will save as a different note.
  • Save the current one first before accessing another draft. Or, the text after the last save will be lost (without any warning!).
  • Image window is very limited (no option in dimension or border).
  • No split post option in the editor, which I use quite often.
  • After you add your blogs to ScribeFire, anyone who uses your browser (by borrowing your PC or NB) will be able to post, edit or even delete a blog entry (those listed under History Tab). 😯

One thing that puzzles me is where it saves the notes (drafts). I checked Firefox’s profile directory. Not there. Strange. OK, they are inside profile/extensions. The related files are those with names of “performancing-” (XML). As for the last point, before one makes any change to any blogs listed in ScribeFire it’s better that ScribeFire should ask for user’s password. At least once during the session.

EDIT: Ya! It worked well. I manually typed the split-post command in Source Editing.

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