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Birth Order Quiz

July 1, 2007

Cain or Abel — who was first?
(Cain or Abel — who was first?)

Is the birth order affect a person’s I. Q.? Recently this has become a hot discussion topic after another study was published in Science (Jun. 22, 2007). The study, based on a survey of 241,300 Norwegians (focusing on men), found that though first-borns had higher IQs (103.2) it’s the social rank, rather than birth order per se, that is the determining factor.

Well, whether you agree or not, you can take this birth order quiz to see if you can identify the birth orders of these famous people. The quiz is accompany to the article, “I Am Worm, Hear Me Roar” by Benedict Carey of New York Times (Jul. 12, 007).

Here is my score (got lucky 😛 ):

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