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CD to Demagnetize?

June 24, 2007

Some companies claim that inserting their special CD in a CD player to play for 3 min can dramatically improve your audio system. How does their magic work? Their argument is that all electronic parts contain a small amount of magnetics and “Due to the DC leakage from all electronic equipment, these magnets will gradually be orientated in one direction,” which in turn affects the signal transfer through the whole system and therefore the sound quality. Their magical CD can send “a series of complex algorithm signals through your system, which relocates the magnets and thereby breaks the magnetic field and its negative effects on sound.”

How wonderful, how easy. For a tenner to make your system sound like a million-dollar babe, how cheap it is! Is it possible that you can get the result just like what they advertise?

First let’s understand this matter from two fundamental points: (1) How to magnetize and (2) how to demagnetize a substance. For (1), the substance should be ferromagnetic (because in the other two categories, the susceptibility is too small to see any difference under a small magnetic field), such as iron, cobalt and nickel etc. Copper is diamagnetic and its susceptibility is even smaller than diamond’s. As for (2), you can demagnetize a magnetic substance by heating it, hammering it or using a AC field. All these methods are to randomize the magnetic dipoles in the material.

Suppose that the electronic components (e.g. resistors and capacitors etc) are magnetized (which I doubt that’d be possibly significant) through playing a CD for a while. How can playing another CD can demagnetize these electronic components? No matter how sophisticated the information is stored in that CD, it will be converted to electrical signals in similar ways via the same converter in your player as in a normal audio CD.

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