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In the Mood for Piaf

June 17, 2007

In the beginning I was browsing Callas’s clips in YouTube. I was in the mood for a strong voice, a melodramatic one, maybe. I switched to listen to Edith Piaf. Among her songs, La Foule is my favorite, the one that led me to know her other songs.

In 1958 Piaf returned to L’Olympia for the third time and during this memorable series of concerts she premiered La Foule – a melody which Piaf had brought back from South America. The music was composed by Angel Cabral.

Anyway, in YouTube, besides the original Edith Piaf version, one clip shows the guitar version played by a guy called Matt (Transcription by Roland Dyens).

In the beginning, this is slow, I thought. In fact not really. It’s just that the music displaced a different kind of favor. More affecting. The performer needs to play both the background and the main tunes (e. g. the part starting at 1:58 — the playing time not the remaining time). Not an easy task. Matt also played other guitar music but I like this classical guitar version most. It’s pity that I didn’t find the version by Roland Dyens himself.

Another interesting clip is this one; in the description, it said “Une chanson parisienne pour vos coeurs tristes”, i.e. “A Parisian song for your sad hearts” (thanks for the correction). What a funny boy.

Using the same song Milord as the background music, Kristi Yamaguchi performed her first exhibition number at the 1992 Olympics.

EDIT: There is another guitar version of La Foule by Claude Ciari. The tempo is faster, but I like Roland Dyens’s version more.

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  1. wildlx permalink
    June 21, 2007 2:17 am

    Hey Wildeny,
    “Une chanson parisienne pour vos coeurs tristes”
    The correct translation would be “A Parisian song for your sad hearts”.

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