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Old Movies and Movies in Old Times

June 14, 2007

June is a month of my bi-annual spending spree on DVD since I started to collect them. Usually the time matches with the 20% off sale in DeepDiscountbut (DD). In the beginning, I didn’t think I was going to buy DVD this time because I was looking for Opera CDs (mostly historical recordings). Then I found DD had the one I wanted very much:

Kleiber's La Traviata, a hybrid SACD, $13.97 in DD v.s. $37.98 in Amazon. Tempted by such a low price, I started to compose my shopping list to make use of the shipping charge.

Meanwhile, a tip from AVForum said that Bleak House DVD was currently at very low price. I immediately jumped into it and another tip in DVDTalk Forum said that DVDPlanet’s Criterion Collection sale with 20% off was a steal; just in time to get some movies recommended by my friend.

In the end, I spent more than the last time in DVD. But this hybrid SACD “La Traviata” was in fact an illusion and was canceled soon after I placed my order. Very disappointed. 😦

Here is the list of my purchase:

Bleak House – Special Edition; 3 Discs [2005] ($11.95) — based on Charles Dickens’s novel

The Leopard – Criterion Collection, a.k.a Il Gattopardo [1963] ($25.97*)

Carl Theodor Dreyer Collection – Criterion Collection, including Day of Wrath [1943], Ordet [1955], Gertrud [1964], and Carl Th. Dreyer – My Metier ($41.57*)

Elizabeth I, featuring Helen Mirren [2005] ($9.76**)

A Man of All Seasons – Special Edition [1966] ($7.59**)

The Lion in Winter [1966] ($7.72**)

* from DVDPlanet, plus shipping $12.50
** from DeepDiscount, plus shipping $8.95

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