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Say, Eee

June 8, 2007

Kind of cute, isn’t it? This, Eee PC, is a $199 laptop by Asus, just debuted in Computex 2007, Taiwan. It’s similar to $100 Laptop (manufactured by another Taiwan company, Quanda), but it’s better looking (no that ugly green running over the edges and keyboard) and has twice of RAM and more flash storage space. The built-in OS will be Linux but it is compatible with Windows XP too (though I am afraid it’ll be too slow for running XP).

They said this “PC” is based on three concepts: Easy to learn, work, play; Excellent Internet experience and Excellent mobile computing experience. With only 0.89 kg (1.96lb) in weight, it does look good for people who like to surf the internet and work on some office software on the road.

Official announcement (will be released this August).

Update: Asus started to sale Eee PC 4G (the capacity of solid-state drive) on Oct. 16, 2007 in Taiwan. The list price is higher than the previous announcement, about NT$11,655. Another 4G version (4G Surf) without the built-in camera will be released later in Nov for  about NT$1,000 less. Eee PC 8G with1G RAM will be priced around NT$3,000 more. The original price, US$199, is for 2G Surf (256 MB RAM, no camera), available for special order only.

Even though the price is higher than the expectation, the sale is good so far.

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