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Digital Music Collection – Part I: EAC

June 5, 2007

Many burning softwares come with some ability to rip an audio CD and convert into MP3 on the fly. If you are really serious about your music, for whatever reason, you may wonder whether these softwares can give you the exact copy of the CD. That’s why EAC, Exact Audio Copy, was born. It uses a technology so that the drive can read audio CDs almost perfectly (also the reason why the ripping speed is quite slow, around 2X in my PC). If there is error that cannot be corrected, EAC tells you where it is.


Though there are so many guides and how-to’s in the internet, for the first-time users, it still seems overwhelming to set up the driver and compression options. The set-up wasn’t difficult in fact, maybe a little bit complicate at first glance, though it took me a while to find the better resources. Here I will list the procedures that worked for me:

Quick Guide:

  1. Get EAC from here
  2. Follow this guide to set up: Drive, EAC, and freedb options
  3. Set up each compression method you will use and create a profile file for each one.

Then when you want to convert your CD into other formats, say MP3 or OGG, you can just load that specific profile, to save your time in configuring the compression command line.

The compression settings suggested in these guides are good enough. You can find the list of settings for Lame and Ogg Vorbis in terms of bitrates.


To combine tracks from different CDs into one CD, you need to

  1. Rip tracks into wave files
  2. Set up a cue as mentioned in “Multiple Files …” (the default gap option is recommended)
  3. Open CD Layout Editor (Tool/Write CD-R or click at the icon of “Cue Wri”) and load the cue file. If everything is all right, then you can burn into a CD

Other Useful References:

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