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What Does “Trusted” Mean?

June 3, 2007

Have you ever heard of “Trusted Computing”? Accrding to the Wiki entry:

“Trusted computing” means that the computer will consistently behave in specific ways, and those behaviors will be enforced by hardware and software.

The advocates claimed that it will make computers safer, protected from viruses and malwares, and thus more reliable for the general public. Sounds good, but is that so?

The opponents like Free Software Foundation did not buy this completely. They argued that this puts too much power and control into the hands of those who design systems and software. Are these underlying companies really trustworthy?

Nevertheless, major chip manufacturers (Intel & AMD), computer manufacturers (e.g. Dell & Apple), and system software companies (e.g. Microsfot) have planed to incorporate Trusted Computing technology in the future products. US Army requires all new purchased computing machines integrated with modules based on Trusted Computing.

OK, I can start to imagine some scenarios that were often depicted in Sci-Fi movies or novels. 😈

Check out this campaign clip from Against TCPA:

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