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A Job to Play the Most Treasured Violins

June 3, 2007

  (from New York Times)

Here I don’t mean a violinist. To keep a violin fit and sounding best, it needs to be played. Thus, in a city that produced the best violins ever made, Cremona, needs a person to take care the collection of 300-year-old violins. This story, “Fingers That Keep the Most Treasured Violins Fit” (NYT on 6/3/2007), interviewed Andrea Mosconi, the city’s official musical conservationist.

I like the part in the end,

Asked if he liked his job, he said: “It’s a difficult question. I don’t really know. I asked the same question to my son, who is a surgeon. He said, ‘It’s hard, but I wanted to do it.’

“Everyone says I am lucky,” he added. “But every coin has two faces.”

Don’t forget to check out its audio slide show.

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