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Tips for Search Engine Plugins

May 26, 2007

I use the search engine plungin in Firefox quite often. What I used to do is to highlight some text and search it by right click at the current choice of search engine, i. e. the one appeared in the search box. It’s not always convenient, because the current one may not be the one I want. Therefore, I need to do one or two more steps to get into the right search engine.

Now there are some tips.

1. Keyword navigation for Firefox (For Mac users, Ctrl -> Cmd):

  • Send the selected text or the cursor to the search engine by Ctrl+K
  • Browse the search engine by Ctrl+ Up/Down Arrow
  • Open the search result in a new tab window by Alt+Enter

2. Search engine plugins based on OpenSearch standard (indicated with )

  • You can manage your search engine from here.

With the keyword shortcuts, I can access the search engine more efficiently. 🙂

Note for IE7 users: You can add the search engines by clicking the links too. For 1, use Ctrl+E to go to the search box, and use the Ctrl + Up/Down Arrow to go through the list.

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