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Zoho Notebook Debut

May 24, 2007

Zoho released a new service, called Zoho Notebook (beta), on May 22. From the demo, this Zoho Notebook can provide much more features than Google Notebook.

Here is the summary of some interesting features:

  • Notebook and pages (share and/or publish the whole notebook or individual page)
  • Content
    • Each content is treated as an object that can be placed anywhere in your notebook
    • You can add some applications from multi-sources (local machine, web sites – e.g. Google’s, Zoho’s service)
    • You can add audio file or record one using your browser.
  • Collaboration
    • You can save different versions and can go back and froth between different versions
    • It’s integrated with Zoho Chat
    • Using the option of sharing, you can use it as a whiteboard.
  • Plugin for Firefox – easier to copy & paste the content

Wow, this sounds really cool, doesn’t it? 8) I have used Google Notebook for a while. It’s not good, though the interface has been improved a little bit since its debut. I haven’t had Zoho account yet. Now this is interesting enough to give it a try.

Check out the demonstration video.

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