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Better GCal (Firefox Extension) & My Calendar Softwares

May 15, 2007

After Better GMail, Gina at Lifehacker released another tweak for one of Google services, Google Calendar (aka GCal) — Better GCal. This extension, combining efforts from several developers, add some news features to GCal: See current time on calendar, Sidebar to-do list & Collapse header and sidebar.

I have switched from Yahoo Calendar to GCal for a long time. Basically, I use it as a reminder to send me an email to my GMail account. I also use Thunderbird’s Lightning calendar extension for events related to work and direct Rainlendar (the old v0.22.1) to read the default calendar file in Thunderbird. This is also because I don’t run Thunderbird all the time.

Again, one is for work and the other is for personal use. I like this way. But this article, “Stay in Sync between GCal and Thunderbird“, is also worth to try. How about my PDA? Sync between GCal and Palm Desktop too?

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