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New Home Audio System

February 21, 2007

I seldom spent so much, except buying my Fujitsu Notebook in Feb, 2002. Yesterday I bought a CD player (Marantz), an integrated amplifier (AMC), and a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 speakers Mordaunt Short speakers (very old model, I think; but this is not a used one). All are entry-level in Audio Land, but finally I could say good-bye to my computer speakers and portable CD player (SONY with the faulty LCD).

My initial plan was to buy a compact amplifier like this one, Big Joe and their new 3″ full-range speakers (very stylish). But when I listened to it playing Tchaikovsky violin concerto (by Heifetz) I didn’t like the sound very much. That’s why I got Mordaunt Short instead (of course, it’s the store owner’s effort too ). For CD player and amplifier, AMC & Marantz are very popular in this price range, so that’s fine.

How to get them to my apartment was a big problem to me.

They are not heavy individually (4.9 kg, 5.6 kg, 9.2 kg), but it’s still a difficult job to carry them all, especially the latter two were string-wrapped together). Actually it’s not the weight problem but the applied pressure that was unbearable. My hands were shaking, palm aching, in the end of the walk.

After dinner, I set them up and started to test it with Perlman’s performance of Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto. The last piece in this CD was Bazzini’s La Ronde Des Lutins (*1). It reminded again the Perlman’s concert I attended years ago, in which Perlman played this as an encore piece.

I also played some vocal CDs. For instance in Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte (conducted by Ferenc Fricsay), I played the two songs sang by Rita Streich. I wish I could sing them! (I did try ) Especially “Der Hoelle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen” (My heart is seething with hellish vengeance). By the time I played Elly Ameling’s Der Hirt Auf Dem Felsen (Schubert) it already passed 12 am.

Tired but restless. Maybe I should play “Nessun dorma” too?

*1: Here are Heifetz’s version and Perlman’s (see, his big & thick left hand?) in YouTube. For more fancy one, you can watch Vengerov’s(though I don’t like it very much). Anyway, all sound qualities are poor. I still recommend to listen to CD.

PS: My first CD player (SONY) was bought in 1989 and was more expansive than this Marantz 5001.
PPS: Changed speakers to Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 on 2/22 because the previous ones are ancient model (even though whole new).

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