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More about Google Reader

February 19, 2007

I have used Google Reader for a while since I mentioned it here. Here I can share my experience about how to use Google Reader more efficiently.

1. Add tag

Besides categorize the blogs you subscribe, add additional tags to the entry in some blog you’re interested. The category name is automatically a tag too. And you can edit/delete the tags in Manage subscriptions (under Tags)

2. Add star

For important entries, add star so that you can find it easier (see the drawback below)

3. Keyboard shortcuts

Here are some collections for people who like to type instead of using mouse.Navigating shortcuts:

  • g + a (Go + All Items)
  • g + h (Go + Home)
  • g + s (Go + Starred items)

Navigating subscription:

  • g + u + Feed Title (Go to Subscription)
  • g + u (a pop-up shows a list of subscriptions)

Navigating Labels/Tags

  • g + t + tag name (Go to the tag called tag-name) or
  • g + l + label name (Go to the label called label-name)

Note: labels and tags are the same thing in Google Reader, so either method will work.

Labeling feeds and posts:

  • l + label name or t + tag name

Navigating feed items:
Note: similar to GMail keyboard shortcuts

  • Move from item to item with j (down) and k (up).
  • Move from item to item (without opening) with n (next) and p (previous).
  • pressing Enter or o will Open/close the currently selected item.
  • Star/unstar the current item by pressing s.
  • View the current item at its originating web site in a new tab/window with v.
  • Mark an item as read with m.
  • Sidebar on/off by pressing u

Cons: The only problem in Google Reader I found is the lack of search engine inside the reader. The alternative is described in this article, How to Add Search to Google Reader.

To me, I still the page I’m interested since it save a copy in my account. Other people can use other social bookmarking ( del.icio or digg , where you can discuss the content of the post)

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