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Common Sense of Design for Non-designers

February 12, 2007

Everyone needs a sense of design, not just for designers only. Decoration at your house, the clothing, or the presentation you give for your work etc. All need a little bit common sense of design. Forget about clothing and costume, since I have no position in commenting these. But I have a lot to say about presentations people gave.

The most common and biggest mistake in presentation is to put too many things in one slide, leaving no space left. Well, if this were the old days when we still used the transparency, i.e. the “slide”, I could understand why one would need to scrimp and save (ya, $1 for one transparency as I recall). But you now use the virtual slides for your presentation. It costs you nothing for inserting a blank slide.

Anyway, that’s just my rant. My intention here is to recommend something to read.
A general-purpose book:

The Non-designer’s Design Book by Robin Williams
In this book, Ms Williams tells you what the four principles are in design, with bad and good examples for you to compare.

Also this article is worth reading.

Whitespace by by Mark Boulton
Here Mr Boulton explain the importance of whitespace in web design, but I think that can be applied in any category of design. In Chinese paintings, this concept is very important.

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