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DVD Night: Love Letter

February 9, 2007

Love Letter (1995) by Shunji Iwai

A sentimental and poetic film about love both lost and found.

Hiroko Watanabe’s fiancé Itsuki Fuji died two years earlier in a mountain climbing accident. While looking through his high school yearbook, Hiroko in a fit of grief decides to write a letter to him using his old school address. Surprisingly she receives a reply. (adapted from IMDB)

To Hiroko, did this letter really come from her fiancé?

(OK, the following part contains some spoilers)

Of course, the reply isn’t from her dead fiancé but a live person, who is in fact a woman with the same name and was in the same class of senior high school with Itsuki Fuji. One intrigued while being afraid of the truth, and the other puzzled. They begins to exchange letters, reliving the memory of Itsuki Fuji.The user rating in IMDB really undervalues this movie. Some of the plot may seem to be too dramatic; nevertheless the story is very beautiful and leaves the reviewers pondering in the end.

(Now definitely spoilers — to me, even though I still won’t reveal the important plot)

Hiroko found that there is a very close resemblance between this Itsuki and she, which leads her to some puzzle and jealousy. She lingers the memory of Itsuki and ached, but nothing can bring her Itsuki back …

To the librarian Itsuki, the memory of her classmate Itsuki in the high school isn’t pleasant. In fact, she felt her high-school life was ruined because of the existence of another Itsuki Fuji, a boy. Both were teased and joked since the first day. Now thinking back, Itsuki begins to understand the odd behaviors of this same-name boy …

The closest moment when Hiroko met Itsuki.

But Itsuki didn’t know whether someone called her name or not.

Mr. Akika, a good friend of Male Itsuki and Hiroko

Teenage Itsuki

Teenage Itsuki

My character map

The DVD has been released outside Japan. Maybe you can take a chance to watch this movie. Highly recommended.

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