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Time Saver in Writing Responses

February 8, 2007

Face it. Even though you are not really a VIP, it’s likely that you have more than one email address (work, bidding, personal etc, each with different signatures) and more than one alias (Mary Sue, Wonder Woman, Xena etc). More often, you write your repsonses differently depending on the occasions (Hi, honey or Dear Mr/Ms or To whom it may concern). Or, reply to several request in a special occasion (Thanks for your interest in this bidding. The shipping cost to …).

So, what’s the easy and fast way to do it? Copy and paste? No. That’s in the pre-mozilla age. Yes, there are very convenient tools for this kind of task if you’re using either Thuderbird or Firefox.

For webmail users (Firefox extension)
Use Clippings (pure text) for

  • multi-sigantures in different Web Mails (Gmail, Yahoo etc)
  • frequent-entered text in forms, blog entries, forum posts etc

Check its Quick Start Guide for its usage

For signature only with the need of linking a avatar or logo, then try Signature Extension.

For Thunderbird users
You can still use Clippings, but Quicktext is more specific to email because it can recognize the variables in message details, e.g. the recipient’s first or last name, subject line etc. Quicktext can replace these variables with the right info for quick yet personalized responses, which Clippers cannot do.

For instance, to reply to Baker’s email, choose “Hello” (template) and the message area shows

Hello, L-J,[cursor will be here]


Or choose “business” (template)

Dear Dr. Baker[cursor will be here]

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Minerva McGonagall

Head of Gryffindor House
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Other usages like

  • customer service rep’s response
  • web site/forum admin’s message
  • and many many things

This really can speed up your email writing by putting standard response text ready before you start to typing.

Check its Getting Started for usages.

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