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Free Call Anywhere

February 2, 2007

David Pogue surveyed several methods to make a cheap overseas call in an article published on Feb. 1, in New York Times. In the beginning, he said, “You want to know how much it costs to make a 10-minute call to New York from London? From a pay phone, $15.70. From a T-Mobile or Cingular cellphone (American handsets that work overseas), $3.40 to $12.90. From your hotel room phone, $58. Perhaps it would be cheaper just to fly home.”

Well, among the methods he mentioned, he forgot there is another way to make a 10-min overseas call, for free. And you don’t need to install any software. What you need is

  • internet connection
  • browser with a small flash plug-in installed
  • a headset or microphone

That’s it! This is the service provided by GizmoCall

Before you’re too excited about it, please read the fineprint: 5-min call per day; when you register, it gives you up to 10 minutes. More than that, you need to pay (sold in $10 blocks, based on this rate)

(via CNet)

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