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DIY: Paper Robot

January 31, 2007

I always like doing this kind of stuff. Last Sunday, I found a site called Paper Robot, where you can download the pdf file and start to build a robot using a piece of paper. After forwarding this site to Joan, I started to try for myself. And when I finished it on Monday’s night, I couldn’t wait to get my camera to take pretty pictures to show my friends. But I waited till this morning (Going home to get a camera and back at a cold night is crazy).

It’s a little bit tricky, because the instruction is very concise. Besides, I didn’t have tweezers on hand. With those, It’d be more convenient for holding the paper parts together and passing the rubber band through the small hole.

Take a look at the pictures. This is Model 01: Blank Robot.

I also made some paper models while I was in Japan. The paper for these models were just regular A4 printing paper. Since our lab had a very good color laser printer (it’s still quite expansive at 2002), I was quite excited for a while about paper craft. Now I only have pictures to remind me.


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