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Trying out Google Reader

January 25, 2007

Initially I used Live Bookmarks to subscribe the feeds. It worked fine with me. But I just found out the post from Lifehackers, which praised the improved features in Google Reader, so I was thinking to give it a try.

So, what does Google Reader do for you? See this introduction video.

To use Google Reader, you need a Google account first. Then in the welcome page, you will see this video again. They have provided some sites in different categories for you to subscribe. You can add the category and later remove the unwanted sites by clicking “Manage subscriptions” in the bottom.

To add new subscriptions, you can either (1) click “Add subscription” besides a “plus” icon and type in the url address or (2) in the site you want to subscribe, click on the right of the url address* or your Google Toolbar **. Then the page will turn to Google Reader and click “Subscribe” on the upper right. After that, you receive a message “You have subscribed to xxxxx” and you can add it to a specific folder or a new one by clicking “Add to a folder”. All these can be changed later in “Manage subscriptions“.

* In the Firefox/Option/Feeds, you can specify which method is used for subscription.
** If it isn’t on your Google Toolbar, you can turn it on in the Option. Then you can set which reader for subscription in the pull-down menu from .

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