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Guess the Tune — continued

January 23, 2007

In the first question, the violin piece is from Brahms violin sonata No.3 — II Adiago. When I heard this sonata first, I immediately found it sounded so familiar. Ya, it’s the tune used in “Beauty and the Beast”. (Here is the combined piece for comparison)

For the 2nd question, the musical that use the same tune is the Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber. It’s the main theme, in the opening and also over the musical. Here is the excerpt of the song. The tune in question starts at about 26 sec (chorus). The original work I uploaded is Prokofiev’s Alesander Nevsky, the 5th movement “The Battle on the Ice”. It started at 2:05.

When I heard Prokofiev’s work for the first time (I already head of the Phantom of the Opera), I was shocked. They are almost the same! Why no one said anything? My friend, Baker, mentioned that years ago there was a news about “Lloyd-Webber not being utterly original”. Therefore I looked it up.

First, I found a paper, “The Music Plagiarism Digital Archive at Columbia Law Library – An Effort to Demystify Music Copyright Infringement” by Charles Cronin (who is the Head of Public Services at Columbia Law Library.). He wrote,

Ray Repp, an established writer of religious music in folk idiom claimed that Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s theme song from “Phantom of the Opera” was illegally derived from his number “Till You”.

Then a BBC News reported that “Entertainment Lloyd Webber wins Phantom battle” (Dec. 1998).

Then I wanted to hear Ray Repp’s “Till You”. The went back to Columbia. At this page, you can listen to “Till You” and “Phantom Song”. Even a person without any music training can recognize the similarity. So?

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