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Free Anti-Virus Softwares

January 20, 2007

Several free anti-virus software are available.

I have heard good words from the following ones:
1. Active Virus Shield: A free one provided by AOL, which cooperates with Kaspersky (from Russia), using its KAV 6 as the core engine. (Note: A user reported the email address used for registration seemed to get some junk mail, so you may want to use a seldom-used email address to register. And don’t install the toolbar in the last step.)

2. AVG 7.5 Free Antivirus: free for non-commerical, single home use.

3. F-Secure 2007 (from Finland): It has four engines to scan, not only virus but also spywares. The four engines are: (1) AVP (from Kaspersky; the main one) (2) Libra (from F-Prot in Iceland) (3) Orion (F-Secure) (4) Draco (from Lavasoft in Sweden, whose famous product is Ad-Aware; for sypwares). It’s not free usually. But the following site currently give away the serial number for promotion.

In this site, it said, “They have free right to use for F-Secure anti-virus 2006 up to 15.07.2007.” but you can use it in the new version 2007.

I’m not familiar with these two:
4. Avast! Home Edition
5. ClamWin Virus Scanner: an opensource anti-virus software. You need to do manual scan.

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