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January 19, 2007

I was collecting information about free softwares for e-learning (I do find some that are pretty good. I will post them when I have time ), and then found out this new site:

What makes unique? does everything you’d like your personal blog or corporate site to do, and does it a lot better than what you currently have – all free of charge.
We give away the most features (hundreds), the most bandwith (10 GB/month) and the most storage (2 GB). There are no downloads required, no installation and of course, no spyware or spam, ever.

That sounds great, isn’t it? Furthermore, it provides many features that are lack in other blog host sites. For small business, you have online shop (integrated with Premier/Business PayPal) and career tools. For community, you have forum and event calendar. Plus image gallery.I have created one for testing (how can I resist the 2GB storage? ). The site administrator (normally you) can add several blogs and editors to the site. Their WYSIWYG editor is also very nice. It has some features that LiveJournal doesn’t have, but it lacks a function similar to LiveJournal Cut, which is the one reason I stopped using Blogger*. Maybe there is a trick but I don’t know yet.

* Note: Initially called Beta. You use your gmail account to open an account. In the Old Blogger (not integrated with gmail), I do know how to trick this show / hide the post, but the old version lacks some handy option in the blog template.

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