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Some Oldie – Minor Swing

January 7, 2007

Minor Swing by Django Reinhardt and the Quintette du Hot Club de France

This is amazing.. Ya the tempo is fast, but some notes played by guitarist Django Reinhardt sound sexy enough to me (especially the part using the vibrato technique) , so is the violin part later. This is the music that Johnny Depp played in the movie “Chocolat” and appeared in the background music of the movie “The Matrix”. Reinhardt was a genius.

This music is included in an album called “Jazz on Cinema”. I loved this so much that I tried to find Django Reinhardt’s CD — later I bought a 4-CD set of his recordings from 1934-1952.

At an age of 18, Reinhardt was injured in a fire. His right leg was paralyzed and his left hand was badly burnt. The doctor believed he wouldn’t play guitar nor walk again. But he surprised everyone.

This picture showed that his two small fingers were twisted and limited in use. He had only two fingers in his left hand to play.

Here is the music played by him & his Club de France. See how amazing his playing was!

There are several videos in YouTube to improvise Reinhardt.
This one not as good but you can see the left-hand techniques — and he used four fingers!

(PS: This guy tried again one month later with no shirt on! — did it help?)

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