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DVD: Jet Li – Fearless

December 21, 2006

R1 DVD cover (12/19/06) vs R2 UK DVD cover (10/23/06)

Initially this is not what I want to talk about first, but the R1 DVD is just out on Dec. 19 so I’m thinking you need a comment from someone you know.

If you didn’t catch it on the theater, you won’t waste your money in renting one, even in buying one (for an action fan).

Plot Summary from IMDB [Huo Yuan Jia (2006)]
Plot Outline: This film tells the story of Chinese Martial Arts Master Huo Yuanjia (1869-1910). …

Well, I cut off the plot outline, since that’s way too long and full of spoilers. In short, Master Huo was a spoiled brat (by his “supporters”) and arrogant until something changed him completely ..

This movie doesn’t stick with the truth any more than other movies (one of Huo’s descendant even filed a lawsuit against the movie production company). Even though some flighting techniques are far from what a human being can achieve, Jet Li really can flight. He won several competition titles before becoming a star. And this movie was claimed to be his last one in martial arts.

Conclusion: This movie is fun to watch, if a well-made movie with lots of action sequences suits you. This kind of the story is not new (referring to my short outline), but the way of the story-telling makes it better and enjoyable.

Run time: The R1 DVD is labeled as the unrated version, which in fact is just the original Chinese cut, 105 min (the real uncut version should be R2 Japan, 143 min), while R2 UK is the theatrical cut, 99 min.

Video: Vivid & crisp

Audio: No DTS as appeared in R3/R2Japan but good enough for DD5.1

Extra: R1 US is better than R2 UK, which doesn’t have any extra. Other releases that have more extras are not English-friendly.

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