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TI 7.0

December 2, 2006

Here is the procedure:
After the registration:1. When you receive the first email, click on the link provided to confirm that you really do want the serial number.

2. You will then be taken to a web page that confirms Acronis has sent you another email containing the requested number.

Here this web page invites you to upgrade to TI 10.0. However, it also contains a link to your registered products (check the screen shots below)
A. Initial screen shot
B. Have changed since 11/29 (but still click the link to manage your registered product)

3. Clicking this link, you can sign into your account (use the same email address and password that you used to obtain the free serial number) from where you can now download TI 7.0. (Phew! Finally.)

In your account, you can download the installation file if you lost your copy of the program. (File size: 21.57MB)

Guess that Acronis doesn’t really want people to get this free TI 7.0, probably because for most home users, this TI 7.0 is quite enough, except some inconvenience in burning into DVD. If you want this feature, you can choose either TI 9.1 workstation (for corporate solutions) or TI 10 Home (see the comparison), with the discounted price after your TI 7.0 registration.

* Update (12/03/06): user manual

* Update (12/04/06): Burning into CD/DVD

“This software will write image files to cd’s or dvd’s. Writeable DVD’s must be formatted with packet writing/UDF software (Roxio’s DirectCD or Ahead’s InCD, among others). Formatting is not needed for CDR/RW’s. Acronis plans to implement direct recording to unformatted DVD’s in the future.”

The DVD must be formatted in UDF format before TI writes the image files into it. Another way is to write the image files in the hard drive and then use the burning software (e.g. Nero) to write the image file into the media (either bootable CD or DVD).

For backup & cloning hard drive or partition, the software writes into hard drive, so this part isn’t a problem (besides, I wouldn’t want to write it into DVDs — I’ll need a lot of DVDs if I want to back up frequently). Here I suppose the chance that two hard drives die at the same time is very small. Therefore I only need the bootable rescue CD/DVD that can restore my earlier TIB files into a new hard drive.

If you really want to make a bootable rescue DVD that contains TIBs (TI image file), you can check out this discussion.

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