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Share the Web Page with Post-It Notes without Fuss

November 18, 2006

Say, you want to share an interesting web page with your family and friends, but you also want to highlight which part is so interesting. What can you do?Well, you can use Fleck (not confused with Flickr), a new online service that lets you add sticky notes and annotations on web pages without installing any extension or software.

Here are four steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Type in a web URL
  3. Add the notes by using the floating Fleck toolbar.
  4. Click “Save” & then “Share” button to send the page

(You’ll receive an email from Fleck to confirm your email address before they send out the page)

Here is the example page. [you’ll need Firefox to see the annotations.] [Update 12/07: IE works too now.]
Note: the appearance will be different from the screen shot above after I post another entry. This is because what Fleck sends is a live copy of the web page, not a snapshot image.

As for these text annotations, you can:

  • move them all across the page
  • hide/show by clicking the upper left corner
  • delete them by clicking “X” on the upper right corner

This function can be used for creating Site Tours. You can write instructions so that your visitors can easily discover all the great features of your web site.

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