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Design Has Become Easy

November 3, 2006

After Google acquired @Last in March, a lite version of SketchUp has been available for free. When I heard of this news, I went to the site and watched the demo. Wow, that’s really great. Even though designing isn’t my profession, I may use it for drawing some pictures for courses or presentations. Therefore, I installed the software and played it a little bit by following the instructions of three tutorial demos. Then, I just left it residing in my PC.

Recently, the office has been thinking about getting some rooms from “empty space” in our building. But it’s hard to picture the effect of the renovation on the outlook, which is very important whether the renovation plan can be accepted or not. I mentioned — forgot about being quiet in the meeting — that we need some 3D modeling. “Ya, that’s right. Why don’t you draw it?” Uh.. that’s not what I meant. It should be the architect’s job .. I ignored those eyes on me.Last Monday, I tried with SketchUp out of my own curiosity. Well, it’s really easy to use, but I suggest that watch all the tutorials before working on the project. I didn’t (except the three that came with the software), so I made some mistakes at the first trial, especially that the dimension wasn’t accurate (very crucial if you want to build up in layers). Anyway, these are the 2D exports from the first trial:

By the way, this is not my design. I wouldn’t design a building like this, with little consideration about the usage and functionality. But, doesn’t it look like a castle? PS: Two-day work only earned 5-min appearance in the meeting.


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