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How Do You Like Your Pillow?

October 6, 2006

Some people can be very picky regarding the thing lying under their head every night. For almost every trip, my adviser packs his own pillow in his luggage. I’m not so picky, as long as the pillow isn’t too high nor too firm. I just want an extra one to hold or to cover my head — my first step toward the sleeping land.

People in Japan also care about the pillow, and they have some –uh — interesting ideas for it. Like this one “Boyfriend’s Arm Pillow” from Kameo Co. (MSNBC’s news), here are some ways to use it:

Usage 1 – sleeping
Usage 2 – watching TV (over your waist)

Kameo also makes another type — Girlfriend’s Arm Pillow
— including bra

Boyfriend’s Arm is priced at 8,000 yen (US$67.2 based on 119 yen/US$) including one T-shirt (3,000 yen for additional T-shirt), while Girlfriend’s Arm is slightly expansive, 9000 yen (because of one breast, I guess).

Just someone’s arm wrapped around you isn’t enough, at least not fullfilling most men’s dream. Another company, Trane Co., Ltd. had another idea, “Lap Pillow

(also MSNBC’s news or see this interview, which said that it received a good reaction to this product from males in their 30s to 50s or 60s. )

This article (in Japanese) explained some “thoughtful” points about thir product. I just translate the captions here (as much as I can~ My Japanese isn’t good).

The hips can be lifted like this

Regarding the stomach, there are splitted opinions (fat or flat — in the end, fat won). Also the lines due to the undergarment are real.

And you can see “it” when peering from the front ..

What interesting is this pillow is labeled as a healing product (I’m sure it can, ). The product has some selections in skirts. For instance, this one is “good”, using memory foam (11,550 yen):

Later, there are more products like this kind but more into the functions than the look.

So, how do you like your pillow?

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