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Encrypt Files

September 30, 2006

Recently I upgraded my office PC — all except my 19″ LCD, keyboard/mouse/speaker, and my old 160GB hard drive (didn’t want to go through installation of Windows OS and other application softwares. Before doing so, I needed to backup my files (Nero BackItUp & Second Copy 7 — I have another note for this so I’ll post when I have time) and to encrypt some of my secrets. I went back to the one I installed for a while but hadn’t been used often — TrueCrypt. I created a volume file to store these secretes — a really big volume file, 14GB.

Now I got my almost new PC back. I would like to learn how to secure my USB drive (this is an old one — three years and more?) Here are the information I found so far:
Using TrueCrypt

  • How to secure your USB drive

(1) Encrypted thumb drive and autoplay howto
(2) How to secure your USB thumbdrive

It has some drawback: You have to have Administrator privilege on the Windows XP to mount. This may be a problem when using some PC in Internet Cafe.

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