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Organizing Photos

September 14, 2006

Well, tagged on-line sharing becomes more and more popular. This time I came up with “Pixrat, a site providing social picture bookmarks. The reason why I found this (and in fact I saw it mentioned somewhere ..) because I was looking for some free photo software that allows me to tag photos.

I’m using Picasa for a while but I never really use its labeling. The way I organize photos is by date. But yesterday I found that my free Flickr account only shows 200 recent photos I upload even though I was still below the monthly bandwidth. I spent a lot of time to get my collection back (mostly DVD covers and photos of places) by cleaning up some photos (whenever the number is below 200, some old photos show up. But I couldn’t tell how Flickr chose which ones to show up.)

Today, I uploaded some more and thought about adding more tags to DVD covers (like year, animation or TV and language). This time it didn’t take me too much time in Flickr (well, since I only have less than 200 there). But how can I do so for those in my hard drive?

Immediately I thought about Picasa. My PC has Picasa incorporated with web album. It took me a while to find out how to add “tag”. Apparently, such a function is called “add new album” in Picasa Web (still in beta) >but “add new label” in regular Picasa. But is this label the same thing as tag? According to this blog, it is not the same thing. This “label” or “album” is in fact acting like a folder but its way causes some problem in searching and is not like the smart folders in iTune, which let you specify the search criteria that fills a given folder. In the way of Picasa doing, you can simply organize your photos in chronicle folders (like my way).

Well, this article really discourages me and now I’m tempting to install the Adobe Photo Album starter edition (free version). As I said, for my own photos Picasa is alright (again based on my simple categorization) but it >is troublesome to use if I want to organize the pictures I collected on-line.

However, can Pixrat do the job? I’m not so sure, especially after this Flickr thing. Using a free service may cause some trouble if you don’t have a back-up in PC. Then I need some organizing software in PC!

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