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Fairytale Art

September 10, 2006

I like fairy tales, especially those old illustration books. Recently when I saw this picture
(click to enlarge)

I thought, wow, this can be a good lesbian fantasy, right? 😉
But actually this is one of illustrations for “The Ring of Nibelung” by Arthur Rackham (illustrator of “Alice in Wonderland”).

This site, Art Passions collects many works from famous illustrators. It has a section devoted to fairy tales, since many illustrations are in this topic.

I recently bought Dulac’s Fairy Tale Illustrations in Full Color and just ordered a out-of-print biography, “Arthur Rackham”, from a seller in Malaysia (my favorite illustrator; can’t wait to receive it 😀 ).

By the way, some of works can be found in Project Gutenberg (especially Gustave Doré) but many still have copyrights in US so it’s illegal to download them in US.

Wiki entries:
Arthur Rackham
Edmund Dulac
Gustave Doré

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