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Superman Collection

September 7, 2006

Warner Home Video will release The Christopher Reeve Superman Collection (R1; $79.92 SRP) in November, as well as the long-waited Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut ($24.98 SRP). Besides the 8DVD box set, each movie has individual DVD release.

Superman the movie 4 DVD
Superman II 2DVD

Superman III

Superman IV

For the details of DVD contents and the links of trailers, please check at DVD Times.
The rumor has it that there will be a 14-disc box set later,
the above 8 discs plus the Donner Cut, Superman Returns 2-disc, Supergirl, the Look! Up In The Sky documentary, and something else to be 14 discs.

As for R2 release, it’s going to be a 9 disc set. Superman the movie 4 discs, Superman ll 3 discs (including the Donner cut) and Superman lll & lV DE editons.

Update (10/07/2006): check here for other artworks about future releases of superman movies.

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