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DVD Review: Memento Mori

September 6, 2006

Memento Mori, aka Yeogo Goedam II (1999)

So, what’s this movie about? I don’t want to spoil too much about the story. Just copy the production note from Amazon:

Min-Ah discovers a shared diary and is soon fascinated to learn that two people she thought to be very close friends have in fact begun a forbidden romance at her school. She finds herself unable to tear her eyes away from the literally page-turning high drama of her classmates’ lives, and the allure of the secret diary begins to take over. When one of the diary’s writers is found dead from an apparent suicide, rumors spread and Min-Ah begins to feel a strange presence. The once-tranquil school is transformed into a place of morbid terror, as if the words written in the journal, “memento mori” (remember the dead), have come to life.

(PS: the early review in Amazon has more spoilers)

This is a sequel to a film by the English title, Whispering Corridors, without any relevance in the plot. I noticed this film in DVD talk forum. This movie has many loyal fans who bought the new-released ultimate edition (6 DVDs with a diary written in Korean 😯) even though only the first DVD (ie the theatrical version) has English subtitle.
Note: 6 DVD box set. For the content of this box set, check it out at DVD Heaven.

For other region DVDs, the R1 single DVD was released in April 2005, and R2 French and R2 UK DVDs are out too.

Anyway, I wondered how come people want to buy a monstrous box to ship over Pacific Ocean where only the theatrical edition has English subtitle. This movie must be something, right? Then I learned the story is about two very close high-school girls, so I rented this DVD last December. The movie is a little bit scary (OK, more to me) and not quite straightforward. Though the image of lesbian is somehow negative (I mean, death & isolation), it is still worth watching. I’m curious about the 3-hour version in the ultimate edition, but I can’t understand a bit without English subtitle.
(PS: For the record, the UE is about $21.66 but already out-of-stock)

The photo of the couple

R2 French DVD (with DTS): DVDRama
R2 UK DVD: DVD Times
R1 vs R3 comparison: DVD Beaver (among TOP 100 List of DVDs at this site)

Photo Album: A German site

[the information here was originally posted in AfterEllen forum on Dec. 17, 2005.]

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