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ScrapBook Firefox Extension

August 24, 2006

For those who need to do some research online, either for work or leisure, you can consider to use Firefox with ScrapBook extension.

Firefox is much better than IE. Just follow up this introduction [1] and you can start to surf the web using Firefox without losing anything in IE (and later you won’t miss it at all).

Anyway, I just want to show you how handy the ScrapBook extension is. It is not like Furl It or, where you can organize the bookmarks and share with others. ScrapBook saves these web pages you visit in your hard drive. In this way, you can check out these informations in your PC/NB whenever you want, with no need for the Internet connection. And, wait, the best thing is that you can edit it before capture the pages. Remove annoyed Ads and unwanted parts (figures or text). Have a look at Edit Before Capture Flash and you’ll know what I mean. It also saves the link information of that web page, so that you can revisit or refer it if needed.

A similar option is Google’s Notebook which debuted in May or June ( you can install the extension for Firefox too). The main difference is Google’s Notebook is on-line and sharable while ScrapBook is off-line. I have experimented with these two for a while and I think the interface of Google’s Notebook is not so good, regarding the organization and the navigation over your “notes”.
To get an idea about what ScrapBook can do and how to use it, check the author’s website (Features (1)-(3) & online tips). They even provide “ScrapBook Tutorial” for your reference (50 pages!).

[1] Update (11/01/06): Firefox 2.0 was already released, but the introduction works the same.

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