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More About Firefox

August 24, 2006

1. More about Google’s Notebook and ScrapBook

ScrapBook cannot combine parts from different web pages into one, but you can combine several save pages into one, including the notes (see Feature 3 – Combine). Google’s Notebook can “copy” directly from different web pages into one note. That’s the only advantage, other than on-line sharing, in Google’s Notebook. However, the navigation/organization is so terrible (no tree view, no list view, cannot sort the “saved notes” — though you can drag & move the note)

2. IE vs Firefox: I’ll just mention few things..

1. Better cookie control
2. Convenient tab browsing
3. Extension — add-on functions are almost unlimited and all are free.

3. Extensions — so many out there that it’s a little bit overwhelming. Here are only few picks

What I have:

  • FlashGot — download management
  • Google Toolbar
  • DictionarySearch — search selected words in many dictionaries and wiki
  • Download Embedded — I think I’ll change to VideoDownloader soon.
  • IE Tab — occasionally you’ll encounter the broken web page. In one click you can view it in IE tab window within your lovely Firefox
  • Right Encoding — some programmer had a bat habit not to specify the language.
  • All-in-one Gestures — use mouse movement to navigate the web page
  • ScrapBook
  • Adblock Plus — block all annoyed ads and banners (& view the page faster)

Other convenient ones:

  • NoScript — Extra protection for your Firefox (& therefore your PC)
  • VideoDownloader — Download videos from YoutTube, Google, and 60+ sites. Other embedded objects too.
  • Forecastfox — get weather forecasts from, and display it in any toolbar or statusbar
  • FoxyTunes — listen to your music without leaving the browser

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